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The strongest wind to my face? 

When you blew me your kiss 

And to whom it concerns, who could ever resist 

Everything means nothing now with your wind in my hair

Everything has changed somehow with a whisper by my ear

You are beauty for my eyes 

You’re more beautiful inside

All your beauty triggers my Youphoria

Youphorial for you 

The most beautiful ones you can’t always see 

but there in your smile all to see’s there to see

and to whom it may concern 

I can only say yes!

she bleeds pretty 

blushes light

bruises floral like her dress

she is beautiful inside

she’s the beauty in my life

all her beauty triggers my Youphoria 

Youphorial for you 

you are 

beauty for my eyes

you’re more beautiful inside

all your beauty triggers my Youphoria

you are beautiful inside 

you’re the beauty in my life

all your beauty triggers my Youphoria



Youphorial for you

and seeing IS believing

Lights on or off you glow

Copyright © 2021/2024: albinosongs



Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Electric & Bass Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Bill Holloman Vocals

Behind The Song...


I was scheduled to attend a songwriter retreat and was asked to submit a song that would be reviewed during the first day of introductions. The prompt brought this song to me which I initially thought was just a bit of songwritery but in hindsight I discovered I could not have written it without having the experience of being in love with my wife. 

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