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Stir This

You stuff your father's shoes with the trophies you steal 

so that your little foot will fit

you're walking in a shadow to this very day

it covers your milk feed skin

you slither through days and your pompous parades 

You're a hollow little man

so you want to know what I think

stir this


stir stir this 

You line your borrowed stance with the devil's wage

you pedal your soul for a fix

in the grand scheme of things you're a leper king 

with a cancerous bag of tricks

your ego precedes your vanity's needs by only your tone of voice

so you want to know what I think

stir this


stir this 

Stir this you'll see just what'll float

you're a drowning man

I'd send you a boat 

but it looks so pure there idle on shore

I’d hate to see it bastardized with you aboard 


You feed your empty faith with your silver spoon

you dine upon chastity

you're a spineless, well breed chameleon

you can't muster enough heart to bleed

in the world you adore your word's but a whore 

Voluntarily it does kneel

so you want to know what I think

stir this


stir this 

Truth floats you sink

strength stares you blink

love grows you shrink 

truth floats you sink

strength stares you blink

I think

Copyright © 1993/2024: albinosongs

Stir This


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Electric Guitar

Mick Connolly  Electric Guitars

Rick Handville  Hammond B3 & Whirlitzer

Cousin Guy DeVito  Bass Guitar

Scott Allshouse  Drums

Behind The Song...

Stir This

I worked in the music industry as a talent scout soon after graduating college. I had a distant boss who was born into the life and was very dismissive of my approach to things or at least this is what my immature brain thought at the time. When you are young you have ALL the answer and don't even know the questions. This song is one of the very few mean spirited songs I have written. It reminds me to put myself in other peoples shoes... or their father's, before commiting my thoughts to words.

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