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Pilot Fish

I’m on the swim sailing south of survival and I can smell pilot fish in the air

It’s the consensus to cut loss and suffer

That’s a feeling that I don’t share

Tonight’ll be left to hearsay

By light I've things to get done

A ring of friends, a downward spiral and the circling’s begun

My will will be one

No! Enough of this ship. It’s sinking pretty quick

I can swim pilot fish. Yes I will

Be rest assured I’ll make it to the shore and standing there you’ll see no pilot fish on me

When you’ve arrive knowing twice as another

how could you leave feeling half of the shame?

My brother my soul you’ve made suffer

There’s an anchor ‘round your claim

No! Enough of this ship. It’s sinking pretty quick

I can swim pilot fish. Yes I will

Be rest assured I’ll make it to the shore 

and standing there you’ll see no pilot fish on me

Copyright © 2011/2017: albinosongs

Pilot Fish


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars & Vocals

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar & Vocals

Billy Klock Drums

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Pilot Fish

This song idea came out of my frustration trying to get a group of individuals to perform like a single entity, probably watching Jaques Cousteau at the time. As you get older, the window of having a real "all for one and one for all" band closes quickly as people turn their attention to practical matters of survival and industry. What you are left with are many "weekend warrior” musicians who's interest becomes blowing off steam and playing songs from the standing barroom repertoire audiences and other musicians are familiar with thus requiring little practice or invention to achieve desired adulation. From the number of Blues bands you can find on any given weekend, you’d think it was the most popular music in the world. It is not. This puzzled me until I realized the simplicity of the songs allows musicians to gather a nights worth of music with little to no rehearsal .....instant band ...just add Blues songs. Couple this with the musician cliche #1 “Authenticity of the Blues” and you are a far from authentic as you can get. I am always suspect of musicians going back to find the "roots" of the music name dropping Delta Blues legends as their inspiration. I believe inspiration and authenticity comes from the deep, but not the deep south. Rather, it comes from deep within you. This is what the great Bluesmen did. They revealed their souls. Their location and predicament informed what was revealed, but if what they revealed lacked their soul, it would have been forgettable and forgotten. Struggle is a healthy component of art having something worth saying, however, and here is big musician cliche #2, you do not have to look like you are struggling. You can feel for the world as deeply from a penthouse as you can from a gutter. If your life has only known what it is to be a musician, how much do you really have to share familiar to the rest of the world? One of my moment of epiphany was reading Bob Dylan’s Song Talk interview with Paul Zollo. Dylan is asked about songs and replies “the world does not need anymore songs.....unless they come from a pure heart with something to say”. I aspire to this concept.

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