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House On The Hill (Remix)

I'm gonna paint the day with laughter

Frame the night with song and bright colors

Strokes that are strong but not threatening 

And I'm gonna display it in a room with many windows

No locks upon the doors

Candles for lighting and hardwood floors meant for dancing shoes

And I'm gonna invite you to the house on the hill in the shade of the trees

Keeping time with the rustling leaves

In my house on the hill there we will find we can love, 

we can laugh, we can romp, we can rise

I'm gonna carve the day with passion

Sculpt the night with love

Soar to greater heights on the wings of a dove 

and like the hummingbird I'm gonna sing about it

To friends of any color

Tongues of any style

Broke to the Modern

Romantic revivals in harmony

That's how we're gonna play it

Bob he brought his banjo

Vincent his paint

Mona wore her smile as Albert fell faint

‘Cause the beauty of the moment, he music and Mona's smile

Filled him with the hope of the house on the hill

Come on

Join me

I’m my way to my house on the hill

Copyright © 1993/2018/2023: albinosongs

House On The Hill (Remix)


Albino Guimaraes  Vocals, Synths & Electric Guitar

Joe Boyle  Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien  Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman  Drums

Sophie Guimaraes  Background Vocals  

Behind The Song...

House On The Hill (Remix)

Years ago I was working in the Music industry and I had shown some of my earliest songs to my boss at the time. The songs were full of angst as so many early attempts tend to be. When I played this song for her she stopped me and said, “now THAT I would buy.” And with that it clicked and I started writing in a much more open and positive fashion.

This song came about soon after I had submerged myself in Kahlil Gibran. I think I came up for air with a much brighter outlook, a greater acceptance for the human condition and a couple thinly veiled lyrics for use in this song pilfered from one of his lesser known texts.

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