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Feeling Like February

The winter doldrums are here in town

They've sublet my mind

They've purchased stock in my affairs

Are inquiring about my time

It seems so long since the sun's really shined

Though today I caught a ray

It walked with me for an hour or so and then it went on it's way

Left me feeling like February

Like I just don't measure up

Then I'm thrown some hope every now and again to keep me from giving up

The winter doldrums were just passing through

They liked my company

So they settled down, pay no rent, are raising a family

It seems so long since I felt life in the air

Though today I caught a breath and it ran through me for an hour or so

Then it just up and left me feeling like February

Like I just don't measure up

Then I'm thrown some hope every now and again to keep me from giving

Oh, I hope the spring is coming soon

Can almost smell the flowers in bloom

When the late evening sun will hang around to see, the laughter, the Lovers and me

Copyright © 1997/2019: albinosongs

Feeling Like February


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Feeling Like February

In the Northeast of the USA, February has a terrible placement on the calendar... when it come to the weather. February is right in the middle of the coldest bit, just after the final glow of the holidays and New Year’s Eve embers have extinguished. Some may counter, “February has Valentine’s Day”, but that is hit or mostly miss is it not?

Then there is the number of days February contains. Why is it so much less than all the others? Did Mom not love it as much? Yet, it is given this one extra day every four years. This extra day brings it ever so close to September, April, June and November. This extra day brings February hope. Hope is essential. February is essential.

Thinking about February in this symbolic manner raises in my mind February’s relationship to Black History Month. The origins of the month can be traced back to Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, but if these birthdays fell in January or March, would Black History Month have been established in one of these full-sized months? Two things are clear: one, the African-American contribution to the culture of America is a major part of our fabric. Two, racism certainly exists. And given racism exists, February would be the symbolic month a racist would likely choose for Black History Month as it is the “lesser” month. Turning that all on it’s head, February is the month of Hope and from my outsiders view that is a beautiful and poignant turn, not unlike reclaiming a hateful word and making it your own.

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