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Delusions Of Glanduer

I'll tell it to you straight over lonely round 

she's getting the best of me no doubt 

through the smoke see my hope as it coughs and it chokes

I get delusions of glandeur when my blood thins 

it's quicker to boil

I'm quicker to sin 

yes I am, I’m a man, I am what I am 

so you can be sure I'm asking her home with me little girl 

Pretty please little girl 

I'm on  my knees little girl

you’re all I need little girl 

won’t you take a chance 

leave the dance with me

So there it is I came clean and you got your wish 

She's got my attention 

She's making it twitch

Hush Hush I've said too much 

her look of disgust is making it rough on me little girl 

you're all I see little girl 

oh won't you please little girl 

be with me little girl 

won't you leave the dance 

take a chance on me

Why won't you look my way 

We both know you feel the way I do 

Dear don't you think I can take it

I'll prove I can take it

Just give me a chance 

You'll see lady

Leave with me baby

I'll show you just how big my love can be for you

So won't you please little girl 

Leave with me little girl 

I'm on my knees little girl 

Begging please little girl 

Won't you take my hand 

Leave and dance with me

Copyright © 1994/2024: albinosongs

Delusions Of Glanduer


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Nylon & Bass Guitars

Anthony Robustelli Piano

Bill Holloman Horns

Jon Peckman  Drums & Percussion

Behind The Song...

Delusions Of Glanduer

I was given a chord progression by John Quincy Adams back in 1992 with the caveat that "you have to write about a woman this time!", John and I worked on a couple other tunes that year and I would always come up with something philosophical (The Left Hand Lane, City Line, Grandfather Tears, This Circus Life). So I promised I would follow his direction and out came "Delusions of Glandeur". I was playing at a tiny bar called the Cellar Bar in Larchmont and I am sure the song's story played out infront of my eyes every time I played there. The song is  written in first person, but it is an observational song. And in my observing the guy wakes up the next morning not with the girl, but with another in a long line of headaches.

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