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City Line

Come on baby take a walk in the street light up to the city line

I want you to see there's a life in the distance beyond this city's night

In the morning I’ll be crossing over to leave it all behind

I'm asking you baby think it over

I want you by my side

Oh I don't know but I've been told this city air can drown your soul

Maybe. I don't know, though tend to feel they're right

Come on baby take the chance of a lifetime

Don't let him pass you by

Once it's gone he’s gonna keep on walking and that will be goodbye

Yes I will be leaving come the morning light

And I will be headed for the city line

In the hours before dawn

before you go down your third time

I hope you do decide to be by my side when I cross that line

Copyright © 1993: albinosongs & John Quincy Adams

City Line


Behind The Song...

City Line

I wrote this song based on a chord progression given to me by John Quincy Adams and feelings of despair that arose while trying to make ends meet inside an unforgiving city where a song in my head kept informing me, “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!”

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