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Et Al draws our sets from a wide variety of songs and styles and delivers our music from the format of a Duo, a Trio, or a full Four or Five piece Band. Et Al never plays the same set twice and always tailors our song selection to those we are sharing our passion for music with. Our iPad currently indicates our repertoire stands in the neighborhood of 1600 songs, and with new songs being attempted as the mood or request strikes, that number is always on the rise.

This Jukebox contains live recordings captured at many different locations, under varying circumstances and with many different incarnations of Et Al. What the recordings all have in common is a spirit of camaraderie and discovery found only inside an unrehearsed song performed by an unfamiliar band with open hearts and ears on FULL alert.

All Et Al Musicians find their joy and comfort inside music. Please come inside these songs with us, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the spirit and camaraderie of our happy  place.

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