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Wishing Fields

Due north of legend lies mystic fabled fields where gray skies clear

All are welcome where the sky and mountains meet

Where the moon lies asleep

It's said it's peaceful there living life without a care with all who've passed before

No need to pack a thing

A smile is all you need to bring

The rest leave outside your door

To wishing fields I go because I got to know there's more then I can see

If you feel the same I’ll be awful glad you came

I’ll be waiting there for you

When you touch the top your host is waiting where your worries start to fade

Then your thoughts divide

Good up front

Bad behind

Your heart is set free

There your fears’ll fall down the mountain one and all 

As Hope assumes her claim

And if the fears try and reappear harmony will steer them clear 

With the sound of your satis soul

In wishing fields we'll find revealed these mysteries sealed and clued

There the clouds will mimic mountains who's peaks aspire to be stars

If anyone asks please tell them to wishing fields I've gone

Copyright © 1992/2018: albinosongs

Wishing Fields


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitar

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Bill Holloman Flute, Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Saxophones

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Behind The Song...

Wishing Fields

My father's older brother died just as I was becoming conscious of the true trials of life. I remember so vividly my Uncle's face as I left his hospital room, for what would be the last time. Seared into my memory is my final glance from my position safely beyond the threshold of the doorway back upon the fear in his eyes. Was it his fear or was mine? I am sorry I was not able to be stronger for him at that moment. I was scared and I ran.

What do we face in our final moment? Is it knowable?

Behind some very scratched plastic on the wall of the far end of a 4,5 & 6 subway car headed downtown I read a poem called "Heaven" by Patrick Phillips:

"It will be the past and we'll live there together.

Not as it was to live but as it is remembered.

It will be the past. We'll all go back together.

Everyone we ever loved, and lost, and must remember.

It will be the past. And it will last forever."

I would like it to be that. And if it were to be that, there would be nothing to be afraid of. Yet, here I am... afraid. Perhaps because I fear I know a very different answer. One which I do not wish to commit to. In this vein, another NYC Poem hangs over my desk at home. It is by Stephen Crane and it reads:

A man said to the universe: "Sir, I exist!"

"However," replied the universe.

"The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation."

"Wishing Fields" is an adult fairy tale....I wish it to be true.

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