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Waltz In He Minor

Dan was your average man, worked hard, did contend

Know for an impression or two

He lived for and loved Diane who claimed to be born again and reaching her terrible two's

She truly loved Dan but he could not command a name or a wage she saw fit

So young Diane, she married a man who had twice what Dan couldn't give

Dan didn't take it well. He cursed her to hell and swore that he'd have the last say

He'd take his love back and bury all tracks if it took till the end of his days

This fury drove Dan to be successfully clad in garments and jewelry of choice

Still he swore to return with a vengeance that burned to play with their lives like his toys

Meanwhile Diane, her fortunes in hand swallowed her love by the glass

Socially hemmed, she learned to pretend imprisoned in comforts of class

She thought herself vile. Her love she'd exiled. Exchanged for Victorian fair

But to privilege she'd stick and never admit her folly and fault crystal clear

Is it love to retrieve what you've given away?

Is it love to deceive or to falsely display?

Is it love to believe it’ll all go your way?

Is it love if you’ve forced it to stay?

Dan made his way back there one day to kill what brought to her joy

And so far he went that he courted her friends. Their love as a knife to destroy

He served her much pain. Dressed it in love's name. His venomous veins glowed at night

So young Diane, still in love with this man, chose to die then admit a false life

Dan a shadow of old. He'd murdered his soul. With nothing he openly wept

Alas love laid forsaken t’was vanity’s making

He joined her alone and quite dead

Copyright © 1998/2019: albinosongs

Waltz In He Minor


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Harmonica & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums

Behind The Song...

Waltz In He Minor

Very often I accompany my wife watching her favorite genre of movie, “Period” pieces. In the case of the song “Waltz In He Minor”, we had been watching “Wuthering Heights” who’s story I felt was so ridiculously foolish I was compelled to write a lyric based directly upon the plot of the story. The twist is I removed the lens of romance and just presented the facts. “Nothing but the facts Ma’am.”

The song has had several names and has seen various attempts at being recorded..... just like Heathcliff... I just keep going back again and again! I was careful not to murder the soul of the song or allow it to be the “one that got away”.

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