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This Christmas Time

Winter’s coming as summer starts

My days grow colder, elsewhere hot

It’s Christmas time

It’s Christmas time

White of a snowflake

White of the sands

This year’s slipping right through my hands

It’s Christmas time

It’s Christmas Time

As we look forward to next year 

Like we did with this one here

And we prep our New Year promises

Like those old and soon forgotten

Promises made

Be kept they should

Moments remain

Let’s make them good

This Christmas time, it’s Christmas time

It’s Christmas time this Christmas time

So reach out for your loved ones hold them tight

With your neighbors make things right

Look through the night and touch the holiest of highs

Live up to all the promises we’ve made

In the glory of our name reach for the fallen and foul

And keep the meek in mind

All things possible come this Christmas time

It’s Christmas time

This Christmas time

Copyright © 2015/2019: albinosongs

This Christmas Time


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Piano, Guitars & Sleigh Bells

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Bill Holloman Flugelhorn

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

This Christmas Time

We make New Year’s Resolutions every year. What happens to these promises made by the best of our intentions in the openness of the holiday season’s hope and heart? These promises made by our better selves to our lesser selves and loved ones. Should not these promises all be kept? Why do we see promises as such fragile things? Setting aside the definition of a promise of course, if we break a promise in January, by eating too much on a single occasion, does this make the promise worthless for the rest of the year?

I say we take these promises, whatever they might be, and we patch them together, dragging them with us through the entire year, so that when we make it to December 31st these promise are in tow and are held together by as much tape and glue and stitching and “I’m sorrys” as necessary for them to make their journey complete.

This is what our promises and those we make these promises for deserve.

It’s not too late. We have the full year to live up to them.

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