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The Unlucky Painter

See her feather her empty nest so full of tissue and half regrets

No she ain’t ready to fly nor bend

It’s said to take time

There’s one conclusion in life she’s read

No she ain’t ready to face that yet

So she’ll dip, she’ll dive and she’ll beg not to be found out

Live fast. Defy gravity. Touch the sky

Live fast. Live free. Happiness is to be

So she waits. She bends. She tries again

She dips then dives, descends from her empty nest

Live fast. Defy gravity. Touch the sky

Live fast. Live free. Happiness is to be

See him smile at her expense

Off the ladder to weightlessness

On her way to that bottom step

Accelerate. Accelerate. Acceleration, yes!

Defy gravity. Touch the sky

Live fast. Live free. Defying Gravity

Live long. Live lean. Defying Gravity

Live calm. Live clean. Defying Gravity

Live fast. Live free

Live life. Let it be

Live tried. Live true

Live high and do live fast. Defy gravity. Touch the sky

Copyright © 2006/2018: albinosongs

The Unlucky Painter


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Bill Holloman Saxophone

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Behind The Song...

The Unlucky Painter

The idea for this song came from a visit to an Albert Einstein exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in NYC with my father in law Harry. There I read the following:

Sitting at his post in the Bern patent office one day in 1907, Albert Einstein imagined how a housepainter would experience gravity if he fell off a roof. On that day, the physicist's daydream ended with what he later called his "happiest moment." 

He surmised that the unlucky painter would feel weightless when accelerating toward the ground. 

"If a person falls freely, he won't feel his own weight. This simple thought made a deep impression on me." - Albert Einstein.

Leaving the exhibit I told Harry I was going to write a song inspired by what I had read. What struck me in the above passage was the combination of a “happiest moment” and “weightlessness”. Coupling these with gravity, as in the heaviness of life, from grave, “likely to produce great harm or danger”,  made for a potent song cocktail.

I like this song because of the repetitive chord progression freeing up the melody and lyric to take center stage. I like the fact "Empty Nest" can be easily misheard as "Emptiness", as both fit the theme. I am also very proud of the guitar lead which sets up and concludes the song.

In performing the song live with the band the coda of the song was spontaneously discovered. One of the joys of live performance is unanticipated inspiration.

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