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Tangerine (Nothing Rhymes With Orange)

When the good fight fought is all for naught, nothing rhymes with orange

When in the smaller font’s not what you thought, nothing rhymes with orange

So your Orange is a bit too green? Peel yourself a Tangerine

When the bluffing wind inflates the grin, nothing rhymes with orange

Compassion? It don’t rhyme with Orange

Empathy? It don’t rhyme with Orange

A brighter day? It don’t rhyme with Orange

Nothing rhymes with Orange

Where acidity and base combine grab yourself a Clementine

When that Orange is a bit too green, peel yourself a Tangerine

As Orange permeates our mind we’re OJ sippin’ to caution signs

Eating Circus Peanuts, mounds of those hooter bums and Cheetos Woe. Woes

Orange Cheeto prints are everywhere. On everything! Disgusting!

For an Orange far less alkaline try a Nectarine or a Clementine

When that Orange is a bitter green,  peel yourself a Tangerine

For a ray of hope, Cantaloupe

For your stomach knots, Apricots

For a change of scene, Nectarine

Both the have and have nots fancy Kumquats

Back to the yours and mine, Clementine

Orange a bitter green?

Orange a bitter green?

Orange a bitter green?


Copyright © 2019: albinosongs

Tangerine (Nothing Rhymes With Orange)


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Bill Holloman Horns

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Tangerine (Nothing Rhymes With Orange)

If you ask me, I will say our government should be comprised of the smartest, strongest and most enlightened individuals we have available within the confines of our Nation....and sitting atop them should be a “Philosopher King”. According to Plato, a philosopher king is “a ruler who possesses both a love of wisdom, as well as intelligence, reliability and a willingness to live a simple life.” Someone better than ourselves.

What we have in actuality is a Government that, perhaps deservedly and justifiably, mirrors its people. A people that are having a very hard time adjusting to the heretofore never experience volume and depth of change. We are ill equipped to manage the speed and breadth of change we are all faced with, and like the animals we are, when backed into the corner, we lash out at anything, or anyone we see as threatening. Now add to this volatile mix some truly malignant actors who work tirelessly to pit the masses against one another for their own treasonous gain and you find yourself with a craving for fruits of a far less acidic base.

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