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Quasi Mojo

Quasi Mojo a go-go

Quasi Mojo woe woe woe

I drank all the anger then pissed out the vile

I swallowed forgiveness and burped up a smile

Now I’m ready (or not)

So bring on the bastards that rise with the cream

Bring on the ladies who strip in the stream

I’m ready (or not)

Ready to call in the tubas and booze

Ready for woo woo woo woo woos

Ready to parley and peacock and prance

Bursting with confi-da-da-dance

Quasi Mojo a go-go

Quasi Mojo woe woe woe

Beauty always gets her way

Ugliness he’ll sit and stay

Laughter loots then lies with doubt

Happiness will never pout

Copyright © 2013/2017: albinosongs

Quasi Mojo


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars & Vocals

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar & Vocals

Jon Peckman Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Christine Ohlman Vocals

Behind The Song...

Quasi Mojo

This songs title came from my friend and musical compatriot, Joe O'Brien. We were goofing around via email one day when I sent Joe a bunch of funny band names I had been collecting in my Song Notebook such as....Felicity’s Melon, Uberduber, GGILF, Fort Georgeous, Ditty Mongers, Bachelor Drapes, Soliloqueezy, Tell Him Danger Sent You, Church Pews, Amour Fatty, Nev R. Borus and the Whah Whah Whah’s, Casanonos, The Generating Maybes, Chance Blewett and the Contenders, Emptv, Drank All The Anger, Hansome Homely, Sir lee & The Agreeables, Bazooka Joe & the Fortunes, Fiesta Fester, Swell, The Occidental Tourists, The Nancy Boys, Hopium, Mental Traffic Rotary, Tubas & Booze, The Confidance Of Ignorance, Confidance-dance-dance. He replied with "Quasi-Mojo" which immediately sparked a song in my mind.

I knew I wanted the song to be humorous, but with a very serious soul. I also knew I wanted to use a lyric idea I heard from a Harvey Danger song title "Cream and Bastards Rise". Armed with this, I set out to make something fun using some of the band names as lyrics. There are a couple musical "tricks" in this song. The one I find the most interesting is the fact that the last chorus actually modulates down a half step!

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