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No Ver El Mal / No Oir El Mal

No ver el mal.

(See no evil.)

No oir el mal.

(Hear no evil.)

No ver el mal.

(See no evil.)



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No Ver El Mal / No Oir El Mal


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Nylon & Bass Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Bill Holloman Piano, Organ & Horns

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Lyzbeth Ramos Vocals

John Chimbo Spoken Word

Behind The Song...

No Ver El Mal / No Oir El Mal

Once I had the first two songs done, where God was having trouble Seeing and Hearing, I was trying to figure out what the third song should be about. My wife suggested with clarity... "See no Evil Hear No Evil SPEAK no evil" Duh of course. So I set out to determine how God would be made to not speak and hopefully turn the tables on the Devil once and for all. So as the final song started to come it was dramatic but on the slower side so I thought that the set of songs needed a sorbet of sorts, thus "See No Evil - Hear No Evil" which is meant to set the stage and clear the mind for the final installment of the story "Speak No Evil"

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