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My Country

I bleed red when I stand and fight

I wear white on this side of right

So I talk blue. What’s it to you?

I cross my heart

I bend my knee

I shed a tear for this flag of free

That’s all the proof I’ll ever need of my country

Them devils can site all the scripture they want

Angels are here on our side of the stump

Dancing on the graves of who knows when

In my country we roll on up our sleeves

My country. Love it or leave

My country won’t suffer fools or thieves

In my country I do damn sure believe

We’ll see the judgment day when the judge’ll toss it all away 

and we’ll be left in the great bold yesterday of my country

You remember when in my country her truth we did defend

My country 

I’m all in my country so full of good intent

Take down, put down, downtown hoedown hey

Push ups, pull ups, pin ups, pick ups yeah

Its my country y’all got hell to pay for my country, my country, my country

Hear me say it again

It’s my country, my country, my country

I’ll stand up proud and defend my country from my country

Copyright © 2017/2018: albinosongs

My Country


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

My Country

America is a special place. And yes it is a geographical space, but it  much more importantly occupies the headspace of grand ideas and aspirations. The idea of “America” belongs to the world. It is the idea of “America” that makes America great. It is this idea of America that has filled America with the type of people who will risk all they have ever known for a chance at a better life for themselves and their children.

Some of those here in this country have lost the appreciation for this fighting spirit which drove their ancestors. We are collectively getting soft around the middle.

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