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Many Moons

For many moons she waited. For many moons he knew

In search of modern miracle

The mark that makes the man

Tied to ways he didn’t know he had

If pressure makes the diamond

Endurance makes the man

Oh, to find a place where I can be all I fear I can’t

For many moons he waited. For many moons she knew

Many Moons would find her when Many Moons was through searching for his reason

Riding to regain

Many Moons she’d wait upon until no more moons remain

Many moons remain

She is in the kitchen

Many Moons upon the roof

He’ll meet her in the bedroom where he’ll finally find the proof

The proof that he’s been lacking

The answers that he seeks

The woman that he needs

For Many Moons she waited. For many moons he knew

For many moons he’d love her and with each moon it grew

Stronger with each season

Righter with each rain

Many Moons would love her until no more moons remain

Many moons remain

Copyright © 1998/2018: albinosongs

Many Moons


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Piano

Joe Boyle Electric Guitar & Vocals

Bill Holloman Saxophone

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Many Moons

I had heard the term "many moons” used to describe a long period of time. I am almost certain it was an American Indian saying. I had had a healthy reverence for the plight of the Native American Indians since picking up a Newsweek special issue from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington while I was in college. The issue told the ramification of Columbus discovering the new world and all the hell he, and subsequent explorers and imperialists, brought upon the natives through out the Americas. The story of the trail of tears also struck me very hard and lead to "This Cowboy Song".

Anyhow, there was a joke around the time before I asked my wife to marry me that it would take many moons. From that joke, the kernel of a song was conceived who's final form would not even hint at its origins in humor. Soon after I finished the first pass of the lyric was finished, obviously based on my love for my wife, the first demo recording was done when Paul Bremner stopped by our little love nest apartment on 4th Street in Stamford,CT to play a bit and catch up. I sprung my new song on him. The very first recording we made off the cuff of Many Moons remains very special to me, if imperfect.

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