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Justice In Disguise

At times they seem so heavy 

These feet I call my own

The road ahead a ladder

My pack a bag of stone

Always you beside me

You lighten every low

At times it seems it's raining wherever I walk to

Always your umbrella above me as I mood

Though the rain keeps falling

You dry my every blue

As justice is sacrificed to the daily grind

And its' peace is harder and harder to find

It's occurred to me

You are my justice in disguise

You are my truth among their lies

Your loving sets my world to rights

And with you by my side 

Justice in my life

No justice

No peace of mind

When I'm treated unjustly

You are my justice

You are my justice in disguise

So next time I'm complaining about the world at large

Feeling sort of slighted by this meager start

Turn to me your smile

Remind me what you are

You are my justice in disguise

Copyright © 1996/2018: albinosongs

Justice In Disguise


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Piano & Guitar

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar 

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Justice In Disguise

I wrote this song for my wife. Sometimes all the justice you deserve is standing right in front of you.

The first recording I attempted was done at the Larchmont Avenue Church on a 7 foot Steinway played by Antony Robustelli. It was the first time a professional musician played one of my songs in a harmonic capacity and I heard the future of my songs unlock as I saw what they could be if I could get my skills to a proper level to convey what I was writing. The problem I found with the first recording was there was too much going on after I added additional parts and musicians to the cause. The song was somewhat lost in the notes. So I tried again several times to capture the essence of the song and the importance of what the song means to me. 

Boiling everything away does the song hold up and convey the feelings for my wife from which it arose?  If a song can come across with just a voice and a is for me the best kind of song. This was one of my early songs that urged me on and gave me confidence I could actual write a decent song that meant something.

Lyrically I liked the big concept of "Justice". How do you tell someone how much they mean to you in a way that has not been said a million times? At the time, I wanted to say it differently. I have since come to understand as long as it is coming from your heart, and that your heart is evident in your voice, the words do not matter so much. 

The lines I find most interesting are the double meaning of "peace is" or "pieces" when coupled with "daily grind"

"As justice is sacrificed to the daily grind, its' peace is harder and harder to find", but all that doesnt matter much as long as my heart is in my voice when I sing it, and with this song, above all others I have written, it always is and will be.

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