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Hope Don't Leave

It’s not the same. It’s all been changed. I can’t conceive fairy tales anymore

After too many tries. So many cries. I don’t have what it takes to believe

Hope, don’t leave

Too many words. So few of them land in the dark promise of all we had planned

After too many lies. So many lies. There’s nothing left to believe

Hope, don’t leave

Hope, I need you to lift me when I’m knees to the ground

Hope, who’ll pull my head from my hands?

Hope, I need you to whisper, “it will all turn around”

Down here on my knees I need you to believe. Hope, don’t leave

Oh Hope I need you. Don’t go. Don’t go

Too many words. Too many lies. I have to go

What am I without you? I don’t want to know

You have to know

I don’t want to know

I have to go

Please don’t

It’s not the same. I’ve changed this time

These big girl tears taste of salt and resign

So many tries. So many tries

I don’t have what it takes to believe

Hope, don’t leave

Copyright © 2017/2018: albinosongs

Hope Don't Leave


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Piano, Organ & Guitar

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

with Christine Ohlman Vocals

Behind The Song...

Hope Don't Leave

Hope. Maintaining it is essential, but the more familiar you become with your circumstances the harder and harder it is to maintain.

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