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Gsus (Dancing In Gee)

Up and Adam it’s all about Eve’s dropping on the master plan

Afield of Cane, yet Able to raise swinging for the stands

Mosey on down to the Orchard where you’re bound to brave the bite

However you choose, however you chew it’ll be alright

Gsus strike the chord let it ring. Gsus spare the suspense, let it bring wonder

I was raised a questing on Aspirational Hymns

Never chose to pick or choose between us and them’s

Seize the fruit. Beware the bruise and appeal from above

My Beatiltudes start with “Help” and end “All You Need is Love”

See major changes coming through

A minor fault ain’t nothing new

Be diminished if you choose

Gsus spare the suspense and let it loose. Let your loving loose.

No I didn’t build no boat. No I didn’t climb the stairs

But one bite of that apple man and I all can see are pairs

I say I ain’t afraid of your kings. I say I I’ll play the music that rings

I say I dream the good out of things

It rings, it sings, it stings, and brings a better day a better day for all

See minor changes building to a major change in me and you

Be flat out crazy to refuse to see all the beauty, all the wonder

All the power passing through you

My twelve Apostles stand upon twelve steps

Those steps upon the scale, tipping it, my hat to the best

You got Bob, Bob sharp. You got Paul, Paul sharp.

You got Paddy, George, Neil, John, Mike, Karl, Kerry, Todd and Leonard

Wait! I forgot Elvis. You can’t forget Elvis. Elvis! Hell yes! Yes!

Gsus strike the chord let it ring

Gsus spare the suspense, let it bring wonder

I’m dancing in Gee with wide-eyed wonder

Copyright © 2006/2018: albinosongs

Gsus (Dancing In Gee)


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Gsus (Dancing In Gee)

Gsus came out of my Roman Catholic upbringing. Though in their narrow definition of a believer, I certainly no longer qualify as one...I can say I have a very strong belief in the teachings of Jesus in and of themselves. This song is most likely blasphemous...but as I see it, if you can't stand up to some can't stand up at all.

As I have grown older I have looked to songs to reinforce and augment my belief find comfort in other peoples soulful expressions. It can be said music is my religion now...and I worship every moment I can....thus Gsus. The song is a bit of a mythological hodge podge that uses names from bible teaching to create something wholly other, but in my estimation something that would make Gsus proud.

I will point out for those non-musical, like the chorus section, the bridge section lyrics actual make use of the chords being played at the time the lyric is sung:

In bridge one: A MAJOR change is comin’ through. A MINOR fault ain’t nothing new. B DIMINISHED if you choose. GSUS spare the suspense

In bridge two: C MINOR changes building to A MAJOR change in me and you. B FLAT out crazy to refuse to C all the beauty

In the chorus section the chord G Suspended is played and when the lyric calls to “spare the suspense”, musically the suspension of the chord is removed and the tune returns "home" to G Major, “gee” being an expression “Wonder”. This final bit added to the lyric just as I was recording, made the whole thing solidify for me. The songs arrangement and sections are very much uncommon....very much like my belief system.

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