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Get Sexy In My Ear

Get Sexy in my ear

So sexy I might swear about it

I can no longer be without it

There’s loving in the air when sexy’s in my ear

So sexy I can taste her prose

I can no longer be without those honey dripping prayers 

so sexy in my ears

For you might be long legs right up to there

Or double frosted cupcakes out to here

For me one single thing can seal the deal

Whisper sexy. Make it real

My hush toned lady

So sexy baby

Bring those sexy murmurs over ear

For you might be full lips, fat derrieres

Small hands, big feet, nice smiles or long blonde hairs

For me no single thing can quite compare

I’ll say it certain. Make it clear

My how what when and where

Get Sexy in my ear

Sexy in my ear

Get sexy in my ear

So sexy I will shout it out and I will no longer live without it

So I’m just gonna swear about it

Get fucking sexy in my ear

Sexy in my ear

Get sexy in my ear

Sexy in my ear

Copyright © 2015/2017: albinosongs

Get Sexy In My Ear


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars 

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums

Behind The Song...

Get Sexy In My Ear

Traveling for work I spent time in Copenhagen where I made friends with John and Arron bartenders at Victoria Pub who allowed me to play there on off nights so I started bringing my guitar along with me. On one trip I was accompanied to an open mic night by some work friends who had never witnessed me perform and had no idea what to expect. I myself was a little nervous about the whole situation because I usually opt to keep my "hobby" low key. As we were waiting around for my turn, we mixed with the locals. There was a Finnish expat photographer who was rather well greased and had taken a liking to one of my workmates daughters. Though his flattery of her "photogenic nature" was indeed genuine, his "object d'art" would not be enticed to cooperate so I did the noble thing and distracting him with conversation.

When my time came to play, several drinks in, I took the stage, unpacked my guitar, plugged in, looked down and there was my cameraless new photographer friend at the foot of the stage along with several iPhone wielding workmates primed to capture a youtube moment. I am certain in their mind they saw a win win...if I sucked...Gold...if I was good...Bronze. So I played my two songs, "My American Lover" and "Squatter's Rights" which were both well received. As I left the stage, my new Finnish friend greeted me excitedly. Vigorously shaking my hand with his other hand on my shoulder, he leaned in and said, "that was sexy in my ear. No like an orgasm for my ear!". Without recoiling, I thought about what he told me for a moment and  replied..."Once I get past the grossness of what you just told me, I think you have just given me one of the best compliments I have ever gotten." In hindsight, I am now certain of it.

That evening when I returned to my hotel room, leaving him behind at the bar, for the record, I took his first comment and started writing my very own "Prince" song.

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