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Fresh Flower Clad Tin Man

Oh Suzie baby from my horse I've been thrown

This armor is no place to die alone

Oh Suzie baby, come lay by my side

This armor is cold upon the flesh it hides

Only your garter can free this tin man

from the rust of ten years in a misty land

Lady I'm living to follow you home to a kingdom of fragrance

in our castle of stone

I'll lay down my armor,

bare you the man fragile as our life and fresh flower clad

Oh Suzie baby, Camelot's lost

I went out for a walk it was auctioned off

The banquets? They’re over. Chivalry's stored

And without steady work I had to sell my sword

Oh I meet the princess. I've been to the nymphs

I knew Guinevere. I meet the witch

I'm a knight on a quest, a quest for your hand

A troubadorian renaissance man

I’m am fresh flower clad

Copyright © 1994: albinosongs

Fresh Flower Clad Tin Man


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Fresh Flower Clad Tin Man

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