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Feeling For Flight

The seasons are changing and so might I 

Feeling quite nomadic under a sky 

so blue and sort of calling for me to come 

Suggesting not to walk, but rather run 

Through the weather like the wind. Through a song I run 

Running ever faster for how long I must 

Towards the great blue yonder. Towards eternity 

Towards whatever’s out there waiting for me 

I can't deny this feeling for flight is making me restless. I must confess this 

I feel the tide a rising. The water's warm. The sky so invitingly free from storm 

Above the sun is teasing me so pleasingly with the strum 

of stunning bright reflections on the cooling calm 

I can't deny this feeling for flight is making me restless. I must confess this 

A feeling for flight

A desire to dive into the great blue yonder and run on the light... High 

On the wind there is a message for all to hear 

Speaking with conviction through the air 

Convincing me to rise up from the earth  and loudly sing along in its concert 

A feeling for flight. I wanna ride upon the wind and water. Her spirit glides 

A feeling for flight. I’m feeling like running ever after into the 

Right through the

Laughing into the light

Copyright © 1996/2017: albinosongs & Anthony Robustelli

Feeling For Flight


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Guitars & Piano

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

with Anthony Robustelli Piano Solo 

and Pete Hewlett Vocals 

Behind The Song...

Feeling For Flight

I can remember the moment this song came to me. I was on a lunch break from work, sitting a Harbor Island Park on the stretch of grass between Delancey and Fenimore. It was a perfect day, with a perfect breeze and the water strummed along. So as easy as the idea came, the final song has taken many years to find its current form. One of the musical breakthroughs came down in Anthony Robustelli's basement where we found the bridge and finalized the chorus. I am proud of the complexity and content of this song.

One day listening to WNEW in NYC, as I lay on my bedroom floor playing sick from school, I heard a band called Novo Combo. That afternoon, the picture of renewed health and youthful exuberance, I rode my bike down to Mostly Music on Mamaroneck Avenue to buy Novo Combo's first album. Though I repeated such a scene for many bands and albums, unlike many others, the Novo Combo album has stayed with and informed me through the stages of my life. When the internet became a thing, my first use for it was to find out whatever happened to Novo Combo and The Rainmakers (more about them in a later post). My internet sleuthing lead me to my one and only made on the internet friend, Ted Leonard, a New Yorker living in Finland, but in a previously life a Roadie who had worked with and known Novo Combo. Through Ted, I have since had contact or have met with and thanked all the members of the band, Michael Shrieve, Stephen Dees, Jack Griffith, Carlos Rios and Pete Hewlett. Through our shared sense of humor, and his of pity, Pete and I have developed a friendship over the last 10 years. So, I was thrilled when he agreed to sing a part on my song "Feeling For Flight" which I had converted into a duet in anticipation.

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