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There I was thinking like a man on the run

Feeling like one under the gun

Driving to find someplace nice

Weaving through my days and my nights

Then I saw her up a head

A match in hand she jumped right in

She sat. I asked her sign. She said, “I’m a dead end but I'm feeling fine”

“Ahead! Ahead! Dip the needle in red

Leave lively a town that’d leave you for dead

Hard on the gas. Get them wheels to turn

All in out of town. Cross the bridge and burn”

So I'm driving with this girl, she's for me

She’s my dead end. He’s my one way street

And up ahead? No outlet! 

So hold on tight. Buckle your belt

Driving is such a thrill when the woman with you sets your skin to chills

To the right she spotted a sign

She read, “Nowheresville 100 miles”

And then she said, "That's where I wanna be! 

That's the place this girl can be free

Full speed! Alive ahead! We’re gonna make it there before sunset”

We’re driving away on a wheel and a prayer

Where we wanna go, no wings can go there

Driving our way

Four wheels and a prayer

Losing our past in the baggage we share

Copyright © 1993/2017: albinosongs



Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Billy Klock Drums

Jon Peckman Percussion

with Christine Ohlman Vocals

Behind The Song...


I have driven across country five times always, as fate would have it, to get to or from Seattle, Washington. On my first adventure, I accompanied a friend who had decided to relocate there. As the miles streamed by, I had a lot of time to dream up the basic ideas for this song, which I have always been fond of, however, it has taken me many attempts to get the chorus to feel feel like someone else wrote it.

The line about the passenger getting into the car with a "match in hand" was a set up for the chorus payoff about crossing the bridge before it burns. A bridge set on fire by the "match in hand". I felt the association to direct so I changed the final line of the chorus to "Cross the Bridge and Burn". I liked this better because it can tie back to both the "match in hand" and the speed at which they should leave the town.

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