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Coast Of Nowhere

Curiosity killed the cat

A cat you could call my faith

She had as many lives as the prophets you can name

Well all a king’s horses or a president’s men 

can bring back my heroes from dead

And neither can they even when they try

Still when the feeling hits me right

I kinda sense self-evidence 

I’m sure

In the moment I forget how all appears and what’s been said 

in her harmony I can see what he meant

Off the coast of nowhere is where we’ve ended up

Took a long look at liberty and got entangled in this stuff

Now I’m drowning in my discontent

Please let his silence denote the assent every slight nuance

and the glaring nonchalance its his intent

Don’t label me as believing in an all and too often underachieving

Hollowed hoaxing rumor of an absentee prime moving,

looming, laughingly late blooming holy host

Still when the feeling hits me right

I kinda sense self-evidence

I’m sure

Appearances aside

Adherences untied

In the absence of wit, I gotta admit it’s quite clear

In the absence of this, if in just a glimpse it’s quite clear

Copyright © 1994/2017: albinosongs & Chris Berardo

Coast Of Nowhere


Albino Guimaraes Vocals, Piano & Percussion

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Billy Klock Drums

Sophie Guimaraes Vocals

Behind The Song...

Coast Of Nowhere

I had the main lick of this song laying around and played it for Chris Berardo one very late night in my cousin's attic after a gig we did. Chris liked the lick and wanted to write something to it so I recorded a quick pass and off he went coming back with a first version I have somewhere if ever you want to hear it. We played the song a handful of times live, but Chris' version subconsciously spurred a bigger idea in my head and one day while visiting the Corrigan Compound on the side of a mountain in Vermont a revised, and very different version of "Coast Of Nowhere" just came out so I captured it. The new version made use of some of Chris' original melody and his main "Coast Of Nowhere" concept. A concept big enough to easily support two songs.

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