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Campbell's Soup

I looked today like I always do

So many flavors in Campbell’s soup

I’m walking around. Its all crazy, kinda upside down

In the lost and the found is where I’ll eat my lunch today

I’m in need of fact. I’m in need of truth

In need of something insightfully astute

‘Cause even though I’m a single man there’s too much flavor for just one can

I can see it through

I can see through me

I can see through you

It’s all there in the soup

There’s a little bit of all good things

Give me life, give me love and give me happiness

Give me the rest of my days living for my bliss

Hey Joe, where you going? 

Will I see you again?

It’s been nice, near and knowing

Thanks for the tip

I do appreciate

When asked to make a choice I’ll simply state

I’m in need of fact. I’m in need of truth

Everything on the menu’s in Campbell’s Soup

Fill me up 

With the love of life and the strength to fight the wrong for the right

It’s here. It’s there. It’s everywhere you go

Copyright © 1998/2018: albinosongs

Campbell's Soup


Albino Guimaraes Vocals & Guitars

Joe Boyle Electric Guitars

Joe O’Brien Bass Guitar

Jon Peckman Drums & Percussion

Behind The Song...

Campbell's Soup

Campbell's Soup came out of my interest in the works of Joseph Campbell. When I was in College, I joined a book club and, amongst a handful of other books, I blindly chose Joseph Campbell's "The Power Of Myth" from it's title and cover art. In terms of my education, I think this intuitive choice was the most important choice I ever made as the book blew opened up my mind and curiosity and presented to me many paths of inquiry I walk on to this day. I subsequently have read much of Campbell's work and also discovered he taught very close to where I grew up. I recently visited the Sarah Lawrence College where he taught for many years and it was not at all the towering grand educational institution I had envisioned worthy of my reverence for Campbell. Instead it was as if someone carved out a bit of an affluent neighborhood, choosing the biggest house as the admissions building. In hindsight, I think such a setting perfect for changing the world and as I also have discovered not unlike the area in Liverpool where John Lennon lived and started his relationship with Paul McCartney. The extreme conditions that create great ideas and/or art do not need to exist externally. More often than not, they are "Fires In The Mind".

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