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Amy What Now

Procreation camp that’s where we met 

you forgot your socks

your feet were cold

so were mine when we began our talk

of our B’s and C’s and fake ID’s in a fluid swap

we gotcha talking that night I still can’t getcha to stop

Amy what now 

Amy what now in deed

You're only as old as the woman you feel 

Baby toss that clock and jive

remember our deal to live our lives forever twenty five

Amy what now 

Amy what now 

what's it gonna be 

Manhattans and Moxie, the go to cake

Butterfinger fun in pieces of eight

we're bored at the circus 

we're laughing in church

stealing those tires 

punching the jerk 

across the street singing can’t you see

bouncin' your ass off a tambourine

Mom the kids and I need a place to stay 

their feet are cold and the piper's away

Amy what now 

Amy what now we're free

but I'm breaking down

so let's get serious for a minute

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take

I don't know how but I know that when you're in it

the wheels come off you hit the ground 

and you pop right up running without a sound

Amy what now 

Amy what now 

Baby please

Amy what now

Amy what now 

what's it gonna be now we're free 

drinking wine right out of the boot

standing in our birthday suits

years of marriage day after day  

Constance likes the monogamy

giving credit where credit's due 

Andy brought back some Asian food..on 

second thought since we're keeping it real 

he gave me the bit 'bout the age and the feel

talking left

swiping right 

your head and tail are in our sight

Looking out from a sky high view on the local fair 

ain't got nothing new 

but its only fair

its only right 

to thank my wife for her lonely nights

now the fires burning

the beds are damp

our kids are off at our favorite camp 

this piper's down and ready to play

so slide on in over here  you big ol' sack of gorgeous

give me a kiss

like we're twenty five

again and again and again and again 

and again and again and again and again and again

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Amy What Now


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Amy What Now

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