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Written in Spanish, La Trilogia Del Diablo is a fable in song form about the three pointed relationship between The Devil, God and all of God's Children and answers such questions as:

    Why doesn’t God see injustice?

    Why doesn’t God hear our cries?

    Can the Devil really sing?

The recordings below are the Spanish Spoken Word versions of the songs meant to accompany the reading of the book. They are accompanied by a full English Translation

The Chapters

1 - Dime Diablo

00:00 / 03:52

2 - Los Audifonos 

00:00 / 06:30

 Del Diablo

3 - No Ver El Mal -

00:00 / 03:42

No Oir El Mal

00:00 / 06:33

4 - No Hablar Del


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